About Us

Bojue - A brand factory dedicated to the research, development, design, manufacturing, and sales of billiards equipment for over 30 years. We have always adhered to the brand's original intention of "excellent quality and dedicated service" and have gained high recognition both inside and outside the industry. Bojue products currently serve more than 3,000 billiards clubs, and have in-depth cooperation with hundreds of brand businesses in the industry. We also have 12 overseas distributors and our products are distributed worldwide. As a strong rising brand in the billiards industry in recent years, Bojue relies on the support and recognition of our customers, as well as the help and support of our peers! Over the past 30 years, Bojue has witnessed and experienced the development of the Chinese billiards industry. In the future development of the billiards industry, Bojue will consistently contribute to the billiards sports in the world. 

Features of Bojue Billiard Tables:     
The advantage of Bojue Billiards Table lies in collaborating with high-quality material suppliers at every stage, years of deep cultivation of technology, and striving to achieve the ultimate. The table surface, which determines the hitting sentation, is produced entirely by fully automatic CNC machine tools, with errors controlled within the micrometer range. The brass pocket used is the result of joint research and development between Bojue and brass mouth manufacturers, achieving a unique "resounding pocket" effect when the ball hits the brass pocket upon entering.